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Jinhua Laochujia condiments Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in spices development, production, sales and services. Products are divided into chicken, monosodium glutamate , spices, seasonings and other four series of composite dozens of single items , covering the daily food needs. Corporate headquarters, marketing and logistics center in the world's largest commodity market in the international trade city "Yiwu ", where business atmosphere, convenient transportation , logistics development , regional advantages , the company sold products based in the east, across the country.
Companies depending on the product quality of life , employing more than technical experts within the industry for the quality of management consultant , "high -quality , tastier " is the company's quality management purposes. ......

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  1. Super Chicken 1KG
  2. chicken 1KG
  3. Chuizhibang Chicken and delicious fine 1KG
  4. Laochujia Seasoning sauce 1KG
  5. Yunjintian 1kg salt MSG
  6. Yunjintian 99% no salt MSG 2.5kg